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15 Luxurious DIY Improvements For Under $50

February 16th, 2018

We can live in luxury without paying luxury prices. All you have to do is make a few DIY upgrades. Unfortunately, some of us just aren’t all that handy. But with these household luxury hacks, you don’t have to be!

Here are 15 super easy DIY projects that you can create for under $50:

1) Fancy Mirrored Closet Doors

Give your closet doors a high-end makeover by affixing some cheap framed mirrors to your closet doors and paint them the same color as your door. These mirrors can be found for $10 – $20 and usually come with the hardware you need to hang them.

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2) Planter Box

Find or make a planter box and spray it with silver or another metallic paint and fill it with some succulents to create a modern look.

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3) Door Window Covering

If you’re sick of people being able to look right into your home through the windows on your front door, you can create this nifty magnetic covering. Most front doors are metal so all you’re doing is gluing magnetic strips to a lovely piece of fabric of your choosing, like a beautiful white and gold chevron design. Learn how to make one below here.

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4) Dual Colored Tall Wall

Create an accent wall with a can of paint. Creating a tall dual colored wall will make your ceilings look higher.

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5) Basket Weave Your Drapes

Give your decorative drapes a unique stand-out look by basket weaving the top. You may need a few panels for this so you’ll want to go to a Christmas Tree Shope or under $5 store to get them.

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6) Decorative Backsplash

Bring some texture or color to your kitchen by creating your own backsplash. you can use pegboard, wallpaper, self-stick tiles, vinyl, aluminum or wood. Get some ideas here.

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7) Crown Mold Your Cabinets

This job can get more pricey if you’re doing an entire room, but you can give your kitchen or bathroom an inexpensive expensive-looking makeover by adding some molding to your cabinets. Learn how here.

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8) Paint Your Rugs

Rugs can get pretty pricey, but you can still have a funky looking area rug without paying the price. All you have to do is paint it! Get details on this project here.

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9) Fancify Your Fridge

Use peel-n-stick stainless steel paper, washi tape or chalkboard paint to jazz up your refrigerator.

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10) Switch Out Your Knobs

They have really beautiful looking knobs out there these days and if you switch your old ones out for something prettier you can completely change the look of your furniture or cabinetry. They even make genuine Swarovski crystal knobs and pulls. You can find them for under $50 here.

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11) Frame Your TV

Grab a beautiful vintage frame at a tag sale and place your TV inside of it to make it look super elegant.

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12) Paint Your Cabinets

Another inexpensive way to give your kitchen or bedroom a drastic new look is to paint your cabinets or dressers.

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13) Paint Your Door

Increase your curb appeal by painting your door a funky bright color.

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Blue Door Painting Source: Blue Door Painting

14) Canopy Bed

Spraypaint some PVC pipe or use curtain rods to hang inexpensive panels to create a luxurious looking canopy bed. Get a bunch of ideas on how to do this here.

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One King Lane Source: One King Lane

15) Paint Your Ceiling

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Give your ceiling a pop of color to create a focal point in your room and break up neutral colors.

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