Millennial couple dedicated to owning home before their 30s build beautiful custom tiny home
They cut out the middlemen completely and it turned out beautiful.
Jaclyn Abergas

Once we become adults, one of our dreams is to become a homeowner. But with the rising cost of houses, it’s hard to be a homeowner in your 20s.

This young couple also had that dream and they made it a reality before they turned 30.

Nicole and Jamie live in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and buying a home in the area can be quite expensive.

They cut out the middlemen

They decided to build a tiny home. Even before they got married, Nicole and Jamie had already been watching and reading up on tiny homes.

It was an easy choice.

That’s why the decision to build a tiny home for their first home became an easy decision to make.

Besides owning their own home, they are debt-free homeowners.

They’re also able to build the foundation of their life together and save up for their own land and a slightly bigger home in the future.

Before they started building their tiny house in 2018, Jamie had done an extensive sketch of their home.

No detail left out

YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey
YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey

Of course, they tweaked it as they went along but it was great to have such a detailed plan of what their home was going to be like.

Every inch of that house was purposefully designed and there was no wasted space.

One thing that was really important to them, as with everyone, is storage.

They made sure storage was everywhere.

They had storage for shoes in the entryway. The entrance was elevated so they can store their shoes underneath.

They used storage stairs instead of a ladder to maximize their space. They had shelves and cabinets in the living space for Nicole’s books and their clothes.

In the kitchen, there were a lot of shelves and drawers for their pantry and dinnerware.

They use a fridge that’s smaller than a full-sized one because they added storage at the bottom as well as on the top.

Even the top exhaust has storage.

Since it’s a loft house, they had two loft spaces available. One is used for their bedroom. And the other one, on the other side of the house, is a loft storage space.

Even their bathroom was utilized.

The medicine cabinet wasn’t full of medicines. It was full of household items and tools.

Except for the insulation, electrical, and propane lines, which they outsourced, around 95% of the construction was done by Nicole and Jamie.

The dresser in the living space was salvaged by Jamie and a portion of it was kept as is. And the rest were transformed into shelves found all over the house.

The storage stairs were also made by Jamie since it was customized for their things and the height of the house.

Even their main door was personalized and gifted to them by their uncle.

Solar in the works

Eventually, they plan to add solar panels so they can have a separate source of electricity.

But for now, their house is situated on Nicole’s parent’s property and they get their electricity from them.

It’s still a small price to pay for having your own home before you’re 30 years old.

YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey
YouTube - Tiny House Giant Journey

Want to see the rest of the house? Watch the video below.

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