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Give Your Kitchen a Completely New Look – That Can Peel Off

September 6th, 2018

If you’re living in a bland or boring space, you might want to change things up! One common place for renovations is the kitchen, but kitchen renovations can get expensive quickly. They also aren’t always doable, depending on your circumstances.

If you’re renting a home or money is tight, renovations may not be a possibility. However, when the Internet is filled with pictures of pretty, bright white kitchens, it can be hard to live without something similar.

Thankfully, there is a solution, and it’s a good one! Almost anyone can handle this renovation.

Where the idea began

Tersey Regan is a blogger who found the ultimate fix to brighten up her dreary apartment kitchen. Keep in mind that she was renting the space so that she couldn’t do anything extreme without her landlord’s permission.

Regan decided to look for a way to ditch the dark colors on her kitchen backsplash. The browns and greens made the entire kitchen look dingy.

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Tersey Source: Tersey

The search for perfection

The search for a change was a bit of a challenge. Many kitchen renovations are intense and difficult to undo. As a renter, she couldn’t do anything permanent in case she ended up moving out. A temporary fix was in order!

After searching for some time, she was pleasantly surprised with a renovation idea that was easier than she could have imagined. Regan stumbled upon stick-on decals to use on top of her existing backsplash. The style she chose looked like the pretty white subway tile that can be found in kitchens across the Internet.

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white backsplash
Tersey Source: Tersey


She was pleasantly surprised when she realized how easily these stick-on decals could be applied. They will also come off without a problem when it’s time for Regan to move to a new place!

Now, when you look at her kitchen, you can’t even tell that the backsplash is made from decals. It looks like real tile.

Pushing further

Regan didn’t stop there. She figured that she could make the rest of her kitchen look as nice as the backsplash.

The next step was to bring life to the countertops. Before the second phase of the renovation, her kitchen counters were black. To help brighten up the kitchen, even more, Regan worked on finding a white countertop to match the backsplash.

Luckily, she found faux white marble contact paper. For this 6.5-foot roll of contact paper, she paid just $9. As you can imagine, a small amount of the contact paper was able to cover much of her existing countertops.

The countertop renovation did take a bit of extra work compared to the backsplash. Due to the material of the contact paper, Regan had to deal with some bubbles. After some additional effort and multiple attempts, the contact paper blended seamlessly into the edges of the countertop.


Finally, her kitchen renovation was complete.

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Tersey Source: Tersey

After paying a small price and putting in a little bit of work, Regan had the Pinterest kitchen of her dreams.

What’s even better about the types of decals she used is that they come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. There’s one for every kitchen or living area out there! You might choose subway tile like Regan did. There are other options, like marble or pebble.

You can use these decals in a kitchen, bathroom, or any other space in your home. Amazon offers an impressive selection of decals and contact paper. Also, these rolls of contact paper or decals are very affordable! You can cover a large area for a pretty low price.

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Joyce Treasure via Flickr Source: Joyce Treasure via Flickr

If you’re living in a rental or are short on money, don’t worry. You still have plenty of options that don’t break the bank or upset the landlord.

This can also be a nice strategy to use if you want to change up your décor often. You don’t have to make any major commitments!

Give this renovation trick a try and make the home of your dreams come to life!

Source: Good Housekeeping