Woman Transforms Nugget Camper Into Tiny Home

September 18th, 2017

The tiny house movement never ceases to amaze us with the creative designs they come up with.

Mandi Gubler of the DIY blog Vintage Revivals recently revamped a 1973 Bell camper, nicknamed “The Nugget,” which makes the perfect temporary home for when you’re on the road.

“It was the craziest thing, for months The Nugs was parked between the side of the house and our block wall with just a teeny bit of squeeze room to get inside,” Mandi wrote on her blog. “After all of the changes that we made inside (like taking out the top bunk, and cupboard) it felt so much bigger!”

The project took Mandi four months to complete with a budget of $5,000.

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Vintage Revivals Source: Vintage Revivals

“This has hands down been the hardest project that I have ever done,” she admits. “There were so many new skills that we had to learn and so many projects that went awry. At times it was almost too much to handle.”

Here’s how she got the job done:

To open up the space and make it seem bigger, Mandi ended up taking out the top bunk, cabinets, and cupboard. Removing the upper cabinet allowed for more decorative space that seems to raise the height of the ceiling.

“I knocked out the cabinets and pantry to make the space feel better and airier,” Mandi said, according to Country Living.

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Vintage Revivals Source: Vintage Revivals

This cozy corner not only serves as the dining nook but it also transitions into a space for sleep.

Another major thing she did was brighten up the trailer by painting everything white and using pastel colored accents like yellow, purple and orange.

The trailer even features a custom DIY light abstract yellow light fixture and a melon-colored painted stove top.

“Tiny spaces feel extra special with personalized pieces,” she said.

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Vintage Revivals Source: Vintage Revivals

The home is filled customized touches, like a painted portrait of her dogs on a piece of plywood and her handcrafted wood floor.

“Intricate design and expensive materials are more doable when you have less square footage,” she told Country Living. “My husband and I hand-cut every single piece of wood for the floor in two days!”

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Vintage Revivals Source: Vintage Revivals

Mandi also removed a door that lead to the closet and widened up the doorway a bit. She created a glass-front pantry to store items and open up her space.

This transformation is just stunning and Mandi said it was worth all of the hard work and struggle. You can see Mandi’s who blog post on The Nugget’s makeover here.

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Source: Vintage Revivals