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She Paid $1 For This Frame, But Watch What She Does With It – I Can’t Wait To Try!
Why spend money when you can do this with less?
Jenny Brown

We often buy things and then use them until the day they finally break or are too old for our tastes. But as we have seen in the past, why spend money on something new when you can repurpose it and create something completely new.

In this case, if you ever come across some old picture frames that you are considering tossing, think again. Here are 26 great ways to reuse old picture frames. They will help give our home a brand new look and feel!


More and more people are upcycling, and you can too!

1. Build a table.

Using a lamp base and an old picture frame, you can great a very handy table. Click here to find out how!


2. Create a mini pincushion.

Using a small frame, you can create a cute, creative pincushion that can be a great gift or a perfect addition to any sewing kit. Click here to find out how!


3. Slick menu board

Create a useful menu board for the kitchen with one large frame and a smaller one.


4. Add extra to any home

Frame something inside and it will create a whole new look!


5. Double frame for added effect.

Place a smaller frame inside a bigger frame to accent something.


6. Earring organizer

Use a window frame to organize and store your earrings so you’ll never have to worry about losing them again. Click here to find out how!


7. Frame wreath

If you’re looking to change it up this holiday season, then look no further. Add a chicken wire to the back of a frame and then place some seasonal decorations around it.


8. Add a chalkboard to an empty wall.

Click here to find out how!


9. Frame a ceiling fixture

This helps accentuate a light fixture or fan.


10. Magnetic organization board

This board is perfect to organize coupons, to-do lists, and important upcoming events. Click here to find out how!


11. Create a beautiful table tray

This will add color to a room and help other things stand out. Click here to learn how!


12. Make a towel rack using just a frame

This is a one-of-a-kind towel rack that I’m sure will impress any guests that visit. Learn how to make one by clicking here.


13. A unique flower arrangement

Hang vases from frames to create a unique wallflower arrangement. Click here to find out how!


14. Revamp your shelves and cabinets.

Put a frame on the outer cabinet door to create a whole new look.


15. Love dessert?

Create a simple but beautiful dessert tray using an old picture frame. Click here to find out how!


16. Office organizer

Create this unique organizer for all your office tools. Click here to find out how!


17. Extra storage space

Use a larger frame to create extra storage space.


18. Unique wall design

Arrange and place frames in an abstract fashion to create unique art. Click here to find out how!


19. Creative photo display

Using hangers and twine, hang up polaroid photos and other precious photos.


20. Bathroom molding

Hang a frame on an empty space in the bathroom to compliment the color of the bathroom wall. Then add vinyl decals. Click here to find out how!


21. Message board

Add a covered cork board to the back of an empty frame. Then fasten ribbons to the back to hold different letters or other mail.


22. Key holder

Add a few hooks to a small frame to create a key holder.


23. Book shelves

Create one-of-a-kind book shelves by fastening frames to a box.


24. Hanging basket stand

Place this welcoming stand near the entrance to your home. Click here to find out how to make it!


25. Beach decor

Decorate these old frames with shells and starfish to create a beach vibe.


26. Dry erase board

Replace the back of a frame with a plain background to use it as a dry erase board.


These ideas are creative, but simple to make on your own. It’s a great way to save money and reuse things that have already served their purpose. Decorate your home by transforming one of these ordinary frames into the ideas listed above.

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