People are leveling up their chess game by turning house plants into playing pieces

May 27th, 2021

When you start collecting plants, may it be house plants or cute succulents; you can’t help but start looking for ways to make our urban jungle more stylish and appealing.

Of course, social media is our top source when it comes to inspiration.

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The sudden trend of indoor plants has swiped people all over the world. Young and old – people have started collecting indoor plants, and we love the idea.

Not only will this trend keep us busy, but it will also help us be in touch with nature.

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Of course, having beautiful plants in your home is aesthetically pleasing.

Now, while we’re at it, we still want to make the most out of our new hobby, right? No wonder creative ideas are everywhere, and our latest find will surely inspire you.

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If you love playing chess and you also have started collecting plants, then this one is perfect for you.

It’s like when you are playing chess, but you can’t stop thinking about plants, then it hits you – why not make a chess set out of these plants?

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Vlada Karpovich Source: Vlada Karpovich

Thus, the trend of plant chess sets was born.

That’s right. It is one of the newest trends this year where people use their plants as chess pieces.

The usual white chess pieces are often made of lightwood, maple, or boxwood. While black chess pieces are made from ebony, rosewood, and even red sandalwood.

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Instagram /haphazard_geekess Source: Instagram /haphazard_geekess

Now, it’s not unusual to see other materials being used such as plastic, metal, and even glass. But who would have thought that you can create your chess pieces using potted plants?

How does it work, you may ask. Well, it’s pretty simple.

You will just need to find the perfect place for your new idea first, and then, start creating or canvassing for your chessboard.

For small plant chess set ideas, you can use your usual chessboard. Just replace your chess pieces with customized micro-containers for your air plants. Most of the time, these containers are 3D printed.

You can also use your succulents.

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Instagram / succerland Source: Instagram / succerland

Just prepare your black and white succulent pots. It’s way better if they all match. Then you can create a customized chessboard that will be the perfect fit for your chess pieces.

Now, once you have tried this, there is no way you would not try to re-create it again. This time, go big! Depending on your garden space, you can create your plant chess set using potted plants.

The possibilities with this idea are plenty. You can just use your imagination so you can personalize your own plant chessboard set.

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Instagram/101winetours Source: Instagram/101winetours

What we love about this idea is that you can actually play with it. Wouldn’t it be cool to show off your chess skills with this unique chessboard?

What are you waiting for? Go and start shopping for pots and chessboards and start creating your own plant chess set.

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