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People are upcycling old bras into planters to give their flowers a “boost”

April 26th, 2021

When we think of bras we think of support.

Brand names like Victoria’s Secret and Maidenform come to mind when we think of bras. However, one thing that hardly ever comes to mind is using our bras for anything other than lifting and support.

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Well if you happen to have some old bras lying around instead of donating them, what if you found another use for them? Well, we think this idea we found floating around the internet will intrigue you.

So, check this out. Instead of throwing their old bras away, some women are reworking them into something beautiful. What, you might ask?

People are upcycling their bras into planters.

Neat huh?

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Facebook/Container Gardening Alliance Source: Facebook/Container Gardening Alliance

It may sound kind of bizarre, but your bra might actually make the perfect planter. So, instead of buying hanging baskets and potters, instead, you can save your money and use an old bra.

You can get creative.

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Facebook/Bra Planter Source: Facebook/Bra Planter

Get a load of this one. You can get creative by adding a little moss to your bra planter. This creative planter gives your succulents a little more pizzaz while the moss adds texture.

Pretty in pink.

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Instagram/calgogardens Source: Instagram/calgogardens

You can’t go wrong with pink. These lovely pink flowers are the perfect accent to this beautiful pink bra. The light and darker pink color coordination really makes it stand out.

A bit of privacy

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Instagram/baronbrothersnursery Source: Instagram/baronbrothersnursery

Hanging such a personal piece of clothing outside where everyone can see may make some feel a bit uncomfortable but, there’s an alternative for that.

You can set up your planters inside a potter and put them on display as a decorative piece in your home. These also would make very creative store displays as well.

Check out the one on the right.

This bra planter presents a creative way to support breast cancer with the pink ribbon inserted in the flowers. Well done! states:

The breast cancer ribbon has become the universal symbol of breast cancer, illustrating the cause, raising awareness, and bringing together women in solidarity.

Adding a ribbon to your bra planter is certainly a neat and creative way to show your support and solidarity to the cause.

Blending in.

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Instagram/louisesnelson1 Source: Instagram/louisesnelson1

Imagine driving by and seeing this. This woman made her bra planters blend in perfectly against the stone background. She really thought this one through although she might not have considered the stares she might get.

Can’t go wrong with pink.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

Here’s another bra planter someone created in support of breast cancer. How wonderful to support breast cancer this way. It would be nice to see more of this idea catching on for breast cancer awareness.

A creative backsplash

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Instagram/junegrist Source: Instagram/junegrist

This lovely planter offers an accent of color that is sure to turn heads. The red mixed with green beautifully accented with tiny lavender flowers adds a nice touch.

@junegrist on Instagram explains how they came up with this cool idea.

We came up with this to add a splash of colour and make our wall look more pleasing .. but alas the wind put pay to that idea!

Well, I guess one would forget to consider the wind when hanging these planters. I still think it’s a great way to spice up your space.

It wouldn’t hurt to experiment a little because hey, you never know what you might come up with!

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Juan Manuel Parejo Merino / EyeEm Source: Juan Manuel Parejo Merino / EyeEm

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Source: Diply,National Breast Cancer Foundation