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Remove Pet Stains With Just 2 Ingredients
Jenny Brown

Like many of us, DeeDee and her husband Bobby, the bloggers behind Clover House, are pet owners. They love their pets, but they can be a pain to maintain sometimes. Not only do you have to keep your pet clean, but you also need to ensure that they don’t make a huge mess around the house.

One issue DeeDee encountered far too often was pet stains all over her carpet. Her little dog named Trevor would leave large, noticeable stains all over the living room. It soon became quite unpleasant to look at.


Finally fed up with the sight, DeeDee began looking into a solution, and she stumbled upon a highly effective tip that requires just 2 ingredients.


Using hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap (DeeDee prefers the blue one), you can clean and remove pet stains super easily.

First, create a 1 to 1 mixture of Dawn and hydrogen peroxide. In a dish, DeeDee poured 1/4 cup dawn with 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide.


Then, dipping a brush into the solution, DeeDee scrubbed the stains from her carpet.


After a few minutes of work, the result speaks for itself. Just make sure you vacuum the area once everything dries.


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[Source: Our Clover House]