Teen shows grandma her graduation dress – She loses it when recognizes where it came from
Grandma Dottie couldn't contain her emotions when she recognized the dress that her granddaughter was wearing.
Jenà Lowe

Graduation night is one of the biggest nights in a teen’s life. They get to dress up, say goodbye to teachers, and celebrate the night away with all of their friends. But let’s get real — the dress is by far the most exciting part.

Wearing the dress is fun but shopping for the dress can be a bit of a headache. Graduation season tends to be the same for most high school so finding the perfect, unique, and “make-heads-turn” dress can be tough.

The problem of finding that perfect graduation gown could all be solved if you had a grandma like Cassie’s. Her grandma, Dottie, happened to hand down the most perfect light pink dress to use during “dress up” time. Dottie had worn it to her prom.

Little did Dottie know, Cassie would hold onto that dress for her entire life — not only that, but she was going to wear her grandmother’s vintage prom dress to her very special graduation party.

As most families do, Cassie’s aunt and uncle were recording the moment that Cassie was going to surprise her family with her final polished look.

Thank goodness they were filming because Grandma Dottie’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

The camera is rolling as the family is waiting for Cassie to emerge from the house — the focus of the video is all on Dottie because everyone in the family knows what is about to happen! Then — Cassie comes into grandma’s view.

As first it takes a moment for Grandma Dottie to wrap her around what she is looking at. The camera is still rolling and focused on her face.

Then she realizes it’s her dress from 62 years ago — she absolutely loses it!

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Dottie had forgotten that she’d given the dress to Cassie when she was just a little girl. She certainly wasn’t expecting her graduate granddaughter would be wearing it for her big night.

Dottie places her face in her hands several times. She just can’t believe her granddaughter still had the dress.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Blotting her face for tears, Dottie asks Cassie if she’s really going to be wearing her dress to graduation — Cassie exclaims that, of course, she would be. She couldn’t have made her grandmother any happier.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Grandma Dottie’s priceless reaction to the dress is something that has got to be witnessed. Absolutely priceless.

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