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15 drop-dead gorgeous terraced gardens. If only my backyard could look like this!
Emma Smizer

A new trend has been going viral: terraced gardens. If you haven’t heard of these architectural wonders yet, it’s basically the coolest thing in backyard landscaping since waterfalls for your pool.

Home owners are going absolutely crazy with these terraced or “sunken” garden designs, taking landscaping to a whole new artistic extreme. For those of you who have a steep hill in your backyard, or just love to the look at flawless landscaping, get comfy. We’re going to take you through our favorites in this modern trend.

Traditionally Terraced


You can’t mess with the classics, and I think we can all admire the timelessness of this perfectly tiered garden. If you’re not one for extreme modern style, this terraced garden keeps it’s design simple while maintaining a bold fresh look. Perfect inspiration for anyone looking to give their backyard a little face-lift.

Stairway to Garden Heaven


Don’t you just love these clean lines with all that leafy organic goodness? This design has such a minimalist yet natural flow, and we are definitely digging it. Plus, the splash of white rocks makes all the difference.

The Desert of Our Dreams


For all you drought-conscious individuals, this terraced garden is for you. Succulents and cacti already have such a modern flair, and combining them with this latest trend? Pure environmental-friendly perfection.

A Romantic Renovation


*Swoon* This garden is absolutely stunning. The splashes of purple and pink flowers, mixed with the gorgeous hanging plants – we’re already hooked. The trellis also adds an extra layer of romance to this perfect garden hideaway.

Some Essential Irons


The rusted metal siding pairs perfectly with the modern design of this desert paradise, adding a rich color and texture that makes this terraced garden natural yet stylish. And the pool transforms this backyard into a modern oasis.

Tiered in Twilight


How can you not love this streamlined modern garden? We are loving the beautifully lit mini-fountains combined with those gray stone tiles. A true work of terraced art.

The Most Peaceful Patio. Ever.


This garden really takes cascading to a whole new level, literally. What we wouldn’t give to enjoy a morning coffee with a view like this.

A Faux-Terraced Fire Pit


So maybe you’ve fallen in love with cascading gardens – haven’t we all? – and you’re wondering how you can replicate it. By adding a clean wall of shrubbery, you can mimic the effect without losing any of the modern charm.

A Cut Above the Rest

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Hands down, this has got to be our favorite garden. The zig-zag terracing and florescent light accent make this garden truly unique piece of architectural art, showcasing why this trend has captured the imagination of landscapers everywhere.