Man Lives In A 78 Square Foot New York Apartment - Take A Look To See If You Could Live Like Him
Take a peek and see how he lives.
Jenny Brown

It’s no secret that it is really expensive to live in New York City. Speaking from personal experience, it feels like you pay more to live in New York City, and then once you’re there, it sucks even more money out of you. Whether its restaurants, bars, clubs, or Broadway, there is no shortage of places to go and things to do. It costs money, of course, to enjoy all of these attractions. But what else is new?

After all, New York is one of the world’s most premier destinations. But is it possible to live in New York City comfortably without spending too much? Well, ask a freelance designer named Luke Clark Tyler. He rents a studio in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan, and it’s considered to be “the smallest apartment in America.” Luke’s apartment is 78 square feet.

At 78 square feet, many of us would expect a tight, compact space that’s definitely not a comfortable place to live. However, Luke makes things work. The apartment was advertised as a studio – although I don’t know if its big enough to be one – and Luke has converted it into a place where he can both live and work. It’s the size of a laundry room, but Luke has gone outside the box to design it brilliantly.

In the video below, Luke takes us on a tour of the apartment. From the very beginning, you will notice just how organized it looks. He has a couch that doubles as a bed when needed, a desk with a mirror, and even a closet for storage. Although the bathroom is down the hall and he has to share, Luke is paying very little for rent.

Luke has figured out how to make things work for him in this small apartment. Although we doubt he wants to live like this for the rest of his life, his current situation works for him. As he progresses in his chosen career path, we’re sure that he will be able to afford a nicer apartment with more space and hopefully even a backyard or a pool.

He’s happy, so this apartment was totally worth it for him! We’re happy for you, Luke. Best of luck with your current endeavors. Hopefully one day you don’t have to live in such a small apartment!

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[Source: SPACEStv]