People are getting tiny arched kit homes for as little as $1K and loving them
Downsizing just got a whole lot cuter.
Rebecca Reid

Tiny homes are very desirable these days and many people dream of having one of their own. Most people would assume that tiny homes are inexpensive but that isn’t usually the case.

Luckily, The Arched Cabins company produces and sells tiny home kits that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but extremely affordable.

So the tiny home dream is still a possibility to many who want to live life on a smaller scale.

Arched Cabins Company offers its most affordable tiny home kit for just $1,000.

Manufactured in Texas, and delivered nationwide, the company ‘designs and manufactures efficient, cost-effective, durable, attractive, and easy-to-build structures with multiple uses.’ – The Arched Cabins company

The 12 × 20′ arched cabin kits sell for $3,600 and the 14 × 20′ model sells for $4,000. The biggest cabin is 12 × 40′ and sells for $7,200. This is a steal if you consider what it costs to downsize to a traditional home.

Posted by Arched Cabins onTuesday, March 16, 2021

The kits can be customized to become true one-of-a-kind homes.

The company has shared photos from current Arched Cabin owners. Each one is so special and unique.

Arched Cabins - Facebook
Arched Cabins - Facebook

It may be a smaller space but it is packed with personality.

Posted by Arched Cabins onWednesday, June 9, 2021

What are your plans for your future tiny home?

The uses of an Arched Cabin tiny home are endless. Some people purchase to downsize, while others want an in-law suite or a she-shed.

How about an art or yoga studio in your own backyard? These tiny homes make a perfect lakehouse or remote mountain getaway.

These homes can be delivered and put up in 6-12 weeks.

In less time than it takes to order a new couch, you could be living in your new Arched Cabin tiny home. So start picking out colors.

“Stunning” comes to mind every time we see this bold color combo. The deck extension on the side of this Arched Cabin…

Posted by Arched Cabins onTuesday, June 18, 2019

The customized textured wall in this adorable Arched Cabin tiny home is stunning.

It really shows you how creative you can get even in a small space. There is no reason a smaller home should be any less chic.

Is anyone else taking notes here? I am for our next Arch build! This wall is gorgeous! 20×34 in LA. 😍

Posted by Arched Cabins onMonday, June 14, 2021

An Arched Cabin in the woods could make a perfect hunting lodge.

A cozy cabin is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you thought that a second home was out of reach, think again.

Posted by Arched Cabins onMonday, August 16, 2021

A flower shop makes their Arched Cabin a work of art.

The Tillery Street plant company in Austin, Texas, has really pushed the boundaries in a good way with their Arched Cabin style.

The painted floral exterior is perfect for this cozy and inviting garden center.

The arch creates a stunning vaulted ceiling that can be adorned with shiplap and beautiful lighting.

Another feature that makes these homes so desirable is the windows.

Depending on what kit you purchase, the natural light that floods into the arched cabins makes the space that much more beautiful.

Don’t forget the loft area that completes the space.

Whether you want a quiet, remote getaway or an Airbnb investment property, the Arched Cabin Company will help make your dream a reality. All you need to do is infuse your own creativity.

Take a full tour of some of their best work in the video below!

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