13 Uses For Egg Shells
Who knew that egg shells were so useful? My favorite use here is using egg shells to reduce the bitterness of coffee.
D.G. Sciortino

Have you ever imagined that eggshells would have another purpose besides protecting the yolk and white of your egg?

Probably not! You crack them and then immediately toss them.

Well, you might want to rethink that practice, as there are lots of ways that eggshells can be useful to you.

Here are some our favorite unconventional ways to use eggshells:


Carefully crack your eggshells, fill them with some wax and stick a wick in them to create a candle.

Source: Guidecentral English

Brighten Your Whites

Toss some eggshells in a mesh bag inside your laundry cycle. This will remove the gray tint from your whites.



Eggshell Face Scrub

You can also make a nourishing and exfoliating eggshell face scrub that will brighten your skin and clear dark spots.

Source: Fab You

Skin Infection Serum

Put an eggshell in some apple cider vinegar for a few days. When it’s done you can dab the solution onto your skin to soothe itchiness and irritations.


As We Walk
As We Walk

DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Why buy sidewalk chalk when you can make it yourself? Check out the tutorial below for instructions.

Source: BlendyCat

Scrub Narrow Spots

If you need to get gunk out of a container with narrow spots, like a bottle or hummingbird feeder, you can rinse the item with hot water. Then fill it with some crushed egg shells, fill it half way with water, and shake it up. The abrasiveness in the shells will scrub away anything that’s inside.



Calcium Powder

If you don’t like taking pills, you can make a calcium powder supplement to add to smoothies or juice to up your calcium intake.

Source: TheCrunchyHousewife


Crush your shells up well and sprinkle some into your soil and inside poles before you plant your plant. You can add some more around the base of your plant every two weeks. The calcium and minerals in the eggshells will nourish your plants.

Seeds Now
Seeds Now

Get Rid of Cavities

Heal your cavities with egg shell powder. You can add 1/2 a teaspoon to your food each day.

Source: Trending Updates

Coffee Minus the Bitterness

You can make cheap coffee taste less bitter by adding in some eggshells to your coffee grounds before you brew it.


Feed the Birds

Eggshells can be turned into bird food. Check out the tutorial below for details.

Source: SmellLikeDirt

Pest Control

Pouring some crushed eggshells around your vegetables and flowers will help deter pests like cats, slugs, and snails since they don’t like crawling over the sharp pieces. Deer will be turned away by the smell.


The Thrifty Couple
The Thrifty Couple

Seedling Starter

Source: Beachbilly Lifestyle

Eggshells make the perfect seedling starters that can go directly in the ground when they are ready to be transplanted.

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Source: One Good Thing By Jillee; featured image credit: Seeds Now