10 uses for dishwasher tablets you likely haven’t thought of
Never would have thought of these ideas, can't wait to give it them a try.

Dishwasher pods are concentrated magic. Of course, most of us are busy using them to get our plates and glasses clean, but it turns out that they come in handy for many other household cleaning tasks as well.

If you’re switching brands or have some extra pods you’d like to use to deep clean your home, we have 10 ways to get you started.


But take note: The concentrated detergent in pods can create fumes, so be sure to air out your space while you’re cleaning to keep your indoor air pollution to a minimum. And be sure NOT to mix these pods with other cleaners since those fumes may make you or your pets very sick.

If you’re ready to start spring cleaning, grab a pod (the solid or powdered types work best) and some warm water and start here:

1. Clean the toilet

Plumbwell Plumbing Services
Plumbwell Plumbing Services

In the era of low-flow toilets, stains are harder than ever to clean.

It’s no one’s favorite task, but it’s crucial to keep your toilet bowl clean, considering what might start growing and how quickly it can become airborne with a flush.

Consider taking just a piece of a pod (or 1/4 to 1/2 of the powder from one wrapped in plastic) and tossing it in the toilet. Let it soak and, for best results, pour in some warm water to dissolve the cleaner completely. A half-hour and a few flushes should make for a cleaner bowl.

But if you’re really ambitious, you can don a cleaning glove and use a whole, solid pod to scrub your stains directly!

2. Wash the washing machine

How long has it been since you washed your washing machine drum? Were you today years old when you learned it was necessary? You’re not alone.

You might think that the drum gets clean every time you throw in a load. But the truth is that the dirt builds up over time, especially if we leave clothing in there for a few extra hours (or days) and mold starts to accumulate.

Try running a load with a small piece of a dishwashing pod and some hot water. Just make sure you DON’T add clothing.

3. Scour the oven door

Some of us would rather buy a new oven than scour our old ones. And while the “clean” mode on the oven makes some big promises, it doesn’t always deliver.

Let’s face it, this is going to take some elbow grease no matter what you use, but a dishwasher pod dissolved in some warm water can make a world of difference in how quickly that grime comes off.

4. Get pristine pots and pans

Ok, so it’s not a big shock that a dishwasher pod can clean a dish, right? But we’ve all scorched a pot or pan in a way that a run through the dishwasher just can’t cure.

If you’ve tried the baking soda soak, you know the basic theory here. The pan really needs some extra attention with a granular substance. In this case, the dishwasher pod will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of a quick clean.

5. De-stink the trash can

Here’s another chore most of us skip. But if you’re in the spring cleaning mode and there are still Christmas tree needles at the bottom of your trash cans (whether they’re indoor or outdoor bins), it might be time to take them outside and give them a good scouring.

Dissolve the tablet in warm water, pour it in, roll it around a bit, and then use the hose to target those extra-funky areas.

6. Mop up oil spills

Sadly, ocean oil spills have given us a good indication of what types of household cleaners are helpful to vanquish oil stains.

If you’ve been doing a little auto maintenance in the driveway and are left with unsightly oil marks, dissolve a pod in some warm water, pour it on the affected spot, and let it sit for about an hour. Then hose it down.

7. Spring clean your plastic patio furniture


Even if you keep your plastic patio chairs in the garage or under covers in the winter, critters still get in there. Dirt just has a way of happening in the great outdoors.

Start the spring with a clean set of patio furniture by wiping your plastics down with a dish tablet dissolved in warm water. Just put on some gloves and grab a rag or sponge, and most dirt should come off without much of a scrub.

8. Cool (and clean) your jets

If you have a whirlpool tub, you’ve likely looked in those jets before and kept on soaking, vowing to think about it later when you’re not busy relaxing. But eventually, they’ll get so dirty with hair, hard water, and whatever else is in there that you may not even want to start the bubbles anymore.

One way to solve the problem is to run a warm bath for a dish pod. Run the water, so it’s above the jets, let the tub soak for about an hour, and run the jets for a few minutes. Depending on how dirty things are, you may want to stop and start the jets a few times. But in the end, your whirlpool will look more inviting than ever.

9. Get your coffee pot gleaming

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Some of us can ignore coffee stains indefinitely. Just give us the coffee and let us go about our days. If we only have to see the stains for a few minutes, they’re easy to forget.

But do you know what else is easy? Letting that pot soak in warm water with a dissolved dish pod (or even just a piece). This is another time you can use the pod itself to do some scrubbing if need be.

Just make sure you rinse it well before making your next pot.

10. Disinfect the fridge

Things spill and leak in the fridge, and even if you manage to get a paper towel or sponge in there in time, there’s always a bit leftover.

No one’s fridge stays clean just because they’re neat and tidy – these things get dirty over time, even if you can’t see them. So grab that warm water with the dissolved dish pod you’re already using for your other kitchen chores and wipe your fridge down too.

You may just find a sticky spot you never knew about (usually in the back, under the condiments – trust me).

Flickr - wuestenigel
Flickr - wuestenigel

There are even more uses for the strong, compact cleaning agents in dishwasher pods. You can target stovetops, garbage disposals, sinks, and most things made of stainless steel.

Just remember to air out your space and avoid inhaling those fumes!

You can scroll down below for a video featuring a few more tips and tricks!

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