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Unique Ways To Use A Muffin Tray That You Probably Didn't Know Of
Do you know of any other great ways to use muffin tins?
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Muffins are absolutely delicious. How can someone deny a treat that’s sweet and delectable?

But what happens to that muffin tray when you aren’t baking muffins anymore? Rather than let it sit and take up space, try these fantastic ideas and put it to good use instead.

It turns out, muffin tins have far more uses and purposes than just baking. Many of these reasons you wouldn’t expect!

Portion Control

Each individual cup on the muffin tin can be filled with a different snack. This is great for your kids!


Freeze Smoothie Ingredients

Blend a smoothie ahead of time, and then freeze them in a muffin tin. That way, you can take one out whenever you’d like to have a smoothie. This saves you from making a smoothie each and every time.


Fast-Serve Ice Cream

Pack ice cream into each space on the muffin tray. This makes it easy to serve to guests at a part.


Upright Stuffed Peppers

If you want to make stuffed peppers, then bake them in a oven using a muffin tray. This will ensure they are upright and don’t fall over.

stuffed-peppers-2 stuffed-peppers-3

Place A Muffin Tray In A Basket

If you don’t want your kids to carry their snacks around and accidentally spill, then place their snacks in a muffin tray. Then, put that muffin tray in a basket. This makes it more convenient and easier for them to carry around!

snack-tray-from-muffin-tin-1 drink-holder-from-muffin-tin

Separate Condiments

Are you planning on having a barbecue or a party? If you are, then a muffin tray is perfect for the occasion. Rather than have a bunch of condiments disorganized and spread out, keep them contained separately in a muffin tray. Each space can be used for a different condiment.

condiments-cup-1 condiments-cup-2

Citrus Ice Disks

Create lemon-lime ice cubes that will help cool your guests and your family on a warm day. For more information, click here.

ice2 ice4

Drawer Organizer

Take an old, worn-out muffin tray and spray paint it a fresh color – I personally prefer white. Once it dries, use it store small items such as paper clips, binder clips, coins, thumbtacks, safety pins, etc.

Muffin-Before Muffin-After-1-Header

Hardware Storage

Use a muffin tin to store your extra nails and screws. This keeps them organized and contained in one central location.


Mini PLanter

Poke holes in the back of each muffin cup using an awl or drill. Then, add soil, rocks, and plants. Water each one lightly to create a mini planter that’s perfect for any home.

Fora full tutorial, click here.

img_90111 img_90311 Original-Nancy-Ondra_unique-container-gardens-kitchen-containers-s3x4.jpg.rend_.hgtvcom.966.1288

Garden Grid

A muffin tray can be used to create a nice, even grid. This is perfect for organizing your garden when planting seeds.


Watch the video below for more ideas:

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