Take A Tour Through This 1979 Backyard Airstream

February 7th, 2018

Airstreams were huge and very popular back in the day. They are instantly recognizable for their distinctive shapes and their aluminum coachwork. While they were very prevalent growing up, it’s hard to see one on the streets these days.

But if you are looking to visit, and even live, in one, then you’re in luck. Thanks to the room-sharing startup, AirBnB, people from all over the world can visit New Orleans and stay a few nights in a classic 1979 Airstream.


This 1979 Airstream sits in a backyard in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nestled under a giant sycamore tree, this vintage camper is available for rent on AirBnB.

While the outside is the classic Airstream exterior, the interior has been remodeled into a rustic, stunning home.


From the very beginning, the beautiful wood finishes jump out at you. It’s sleek and classic without being over the top in either. The interior was designed to be a blast from a past but with a modern spin to it.


The Airstream is perfect for two people. It comes fully equipped with a kitchen a full bath. Moreover, there’s air conditioning and heating so you can stay here regardless of the weather outside.

It’s situated within walking distance of New Orleans’ cultural and historic sights.


There’s a queen-size bed that looks very cozy.


Because of the size of the airstream, it’s important to make the most of out any space. I personally love this clever storage space under the bed. It’s really easy to stash away a few items without taking up any important space in the home.

Look at how the bedroom opens up to a porch. You can enjoy the fresh air outside from your bedroom!


The bathroom is charming. There’s a long tub that is perfect for a bubble bath and a glass of champagne. Would you have guessed a tub would be in an Airstream?


It’s a full bathroom, so naturally there is a toilet and sink.


If you want to shower, then head outside.airstream-10a-850x622

Isn’t this just lovely? Next time I’m in New Orleans, I will try my best to stay here!

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[Source: AirBnB]