Here’s how a wedge pillow can stop you from snoring
More and more people are making the switch to a wedge pillow. With all of its benefits, it's easy to see why!
Colby Maxwell

Snoring is the WORST! Not just for the snorer, either, but for everyone in the room (sometimes the house)! Thankfully, there are ways that you can make the most out of a sleepless situation. One of the most revolutionary things people are doing today doesn’t even have expensive equipment or special medicine, either. In fact, for many snorers, the simple switch to one of these pillows is all it takes to help with snoring (and a ton of other problems)!

Wedge pillows are a simple and easy way to reduce snoring.

Wedge pillows are becoming incredibly popular as people start to realize just how simple of a solution they really are. The best part? They are a multi-purpose house item that can be used for a TON of other things. We know that your house doesn’t need another single-use item that gets tossed in storage (thinking of you, avocado knife).

The main benefit of a wedge pillow is its angle.

A wedge pillow usually has a specific angle that, when used correctly, allows you to get the most out of it. Imagine you were laying on a conventional pillow. Most of the time you aren’t getting the loft that you need to keep your head up higher than your chest. As a result, pressure can build up in your shoulders and neck.

Using a wedge, you can ensure your neck is never stretched and your head is always comfortable.

Imagine being able to take the neck and head comfort of an armchair… into the bed! That is the utility a wedge provides. When your head is elevated, all sorts of good things happen.

Here are some of the benefits of using a wedge pillow:

Neck and shoulder pain:

One of the best benefits is reduced neck and back pain. Medical News Today says:

Better sleep comfort: Some people find that a wedge pillow helps with other types of pain, such as shoulder pressure or headaches.

Acid Reflux:

For many, that’s plenty enough reason to get one! Still, it doesn’t end there. Another benefit is for those who struggle with acid reflux or GERD.

People with gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), heartburn during pregnancy, and other forms of reflux may find relief by sleeping with their head elevated. Keeping the head above the esophagus, which is the tube that runs from the throat to the stomach, makes it more difficult for acid to travel back up from the stomach. – MNT

Reduced Snoring:

Yes, the big one – snoring! Snoring can often be helped with a simple posture adjustment, better clearing airways, and stopping the cause of snoring in the first place – breathing obstructions! It isn’t always a “quick fix” to use a pillow for any of these, but they sure can help!

There are a ton of ways to use a wedge pillow.

While we can’t go over every single way to use them, let’s look at the three most common (we think). The first is to use it as a regular old pillow! This is an easy way to lift the head and get a lot of those benefits mentioned above. Simply place the tapered end towards the foot of the bed and go to sleep!

A second way is to use it as back support while sitting in bed or on a chair. To do this, simply place the smaller flat end on the bed with the tapered end going into the air. Boom – perfect reading position or a pain-free option to watch some TV in bed.

A third way to use a wedge pillow is for a bit of intimate time with your partner! Elevated hips can make all the difference when it matters most. In fact, there are specially designed pillows FOR “adult” time. With a wedge, you don’t need to worry about getting anything extra, a wedge will do just fine!

With all that in mind, you might be wanting a new pillow! We went ahead and listed out our favorites:

1. Best Overall – Dosaze Therapeutic Cooling Wedge Pillow – $149.99


The Dosaze Wedge is our overall best pick for the list. One of the main reasons we chose it is due to its therapeutic design that helps with back pain, neck pain, and… snoring! As they explain:

“[the] pillow is specifically designed by ergonomists to promote proper sleep posture in an elevated position.”

In addition to it’s design, it also features a cooling gel layer, perfect for a hot sleeper. The pillow can be used as a prop under your back, between your legs for additional support, or used as a regular pillow for additional height.

What we love:

  • Therapeutic design
  • cooling gel layer
  • perfect for neck + back pain, acid reflux, and snoring

2. Runner-up – Helix Wedge Pillow – $95


The Helix is a solid option if you aren’t going to be going with the Dosaze. At only $95, it gives you most of the features of a higher-priced pillow at a reduced cost. Designed with a gel-infused memory foam, the somewhat firm pillow is great for stopping acid reflux and reducing snoring.

What we love:

  • Has nearly all high-end features
  • multi-purpose pillow
  • perfect for snorers

3. Most Options – Brentwood Home Zuma – $49-$55

Brentwood Home
Brentwood Home

The Brentwood Home Zuma tops our list as one of the best due to its versatility. The Zuma offers three different angles and heights for anyone looking to get maximum comfort and customization with their pillow. It’s a firm pillow made with therapeutic foam, making it ideal for back sleepers. Make sure you pick the right incline for your lifestyle, whether that’s sitting up in bed to read or laying down to sleep.

What we love:

  • Height customizable
  • firm construction makes it perfect for back sleepers
  • affordable

4. Best for back support – Back Support Systems – $65-$145

Back Support Systems
Back Support Systems

The Angle, by Back Support Systems, is the real deal when it comes to back pain. They have over 12 options with varying temperature technologies, sizes, and material construction, giving you ultimate customization. The special part about the Angle is its usage. It’s designed to be placed under the crook of your knees. With their special “angle”, it decompresses your back and supports the knees and hips.

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