Man transforms old, white van into a high-end home-on-wheels
Inside? You definitely don't feel like you're in a van.
Luis Gaskell

Mobile homes and camper vans are classic sights. The good old Volkswagen Camper van is one of the most iconic production vehicles of all time, and people usually expect to see one that’s been converted into a mini living space.

This is inevitable, given just how massive and spacious these vans are.

While the nostalgic VW Camper is still in production (it’s now in its T6 version of the model), a whole lot of other similarly massive and voluminous vans have been made. Sometimes to compete with the camper van.

People like Daryl Lloyd Witt are taking advantage of the variety in these vans and converting them into the mobile homes that everyone would have dreamed of in the 90s. His ride is a Volkswagen Crafter, a pretty similar vehicle to the VW camper van.

The VW camper van is produced under the production name “Volkswagen Type 2”. The old classic camper van has been in production since 1950 and has become synonymous with hippies and young teenagers.

On the other hand, the Crafter was introduced a lot more recently in 2005.

It goes by the production name “LT3”, and Daryl has been incredibly hard at work on his LT3.

The end result is a mobile home that easily gives most normal luxury homes a run for their money, all while maintaining the functionality of the vehicle.

Of course, these sorts of projects aren’t practical for everyone to pursue. At the end of the day, a place to live is a necessity that doesn’t always need to look pretty.

These projects are really for folks with a lot of money and time on their hands, who want to devote those resources to something they normally wouldn’t be able to do. Like making a really gorgeous kitchen area within the space provided by a huge van!

The strategically placed light sources, in particular, give the place its charm that the furnishing alone wouldn’t have achieved.

Additionally, there is a whole working shower in there too. No need to stop at a gas station or public restroom to freshen up!

It may not be as wide or spacey as your shower, but it gets the job done. Moreover, it beats any public restroom any day. Aside from being a lot less disgusting than any public restroom, it provides an incredibly important quality on its own : Privacy.

Daryl didn’t achieve this by simply buying materials at home depot and using them to cover up the interior. The same rigorous planning and construction work of building a real living space came into play here.

He had to measure out the dimensions of every little thing he planned to add. As large as this van is, it’s not nearly as large as a typical room within a house. So he had quite the budget of space limiting what he could do. Then came the frameworks constructed from wood planks.

And just in case you still have our doubts about this thing’s functionality, Daryl uploaded some early progress shots of a solar panel and plumbing system being installed into the van. Talk about going the extra mile!

Get a load of the completed project! But Daryl didn’t make this just to keep it for himself. Dream Car Giveaways, a contest company, bought it for $39,000 and gave it away via a prize draw. A lucky entry could win the prized mobile home for just $10.

Eventually, it went into the hands of lucky winner Mark Kingscote. The lucky winner can now go on short trips and vacations without ever feeling like he left home, and it’s all thanks to the work and effort of Daryl Witt.

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