15 Ways to Repurpose Wire Hangers

February 1st, 2018

Is your closet being overwhelmed by write hangers? Before you start throwing them all away, you may want to hang onto a few in order to get a little more use out of them.

1) Plastic Bag Hanger

Create a sack and slip a hanger through it. Fill this sack with plastic bags and use it to store those excess grocery bags.

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Cut Out and Keep Source: Cut Out and Keep

2) Hang a Picture

Make sure the frames in your home are hung perfectly straight by using a wire hanger. Learn how it’s done below.

Source: expertvillage

3) Hanger Holiday Card Holder

Tie a few wire hangers together to create this darling holiday card holder. Learn how to make it here.

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Made in a Day Source: Made in a Day

4) Declog a Drain

Straighten out your wire hanger and tighten the hook and use this end to shimmy up and down your drain to remove any blockages.

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Networx Source: Networx

5) Paper Towel Rack

Place a snip at the bottom of your wire and slip your paper towel roll through it. Now you have a hanging paper towel roll.

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vtwonen Source: vtwonen

6) Make a Bubble Wand

Bend one end of your hanger into an “O” or other shape and dip the wire into a soap solution to create a bubble wand.

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Sandy Toes and Popsicles Source: Sandy Toes and Popsicles

7) Hanging Planter

Reshape a hanger and secure the open ends to a rounded piece where a potted plant can sit to create a hanging planter.

8) Tape or Ribbon Organizer

Cut a piece out of your hanger and bend the ends into hooks so that you can open and close it. Use this to store your ribbons or tapes.

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Silly Old Suitcase Source: Silly Old Suitcase

9) Magazine Rack

Pull the bottom of your hanger and fold the bottom of it. You can place magazines in the folded portion and use the hanger to hang your rack in a convenient spot.

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Artists Helping Children Source: Artists Helping Children
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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

10) Make a Wreath

Uncoil a hanger and straighten it out in a circular fashion. You can tie cut strips of fabric or glue other pieces around the wire to create your wreath. You’ll find a tutorial here.

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Six Sisters' Stuff Source: Six Sisters' Stuff

11) Marshmellow Roaster

Wrap a wire hanger around the end of a wooden stick and cut off the ends so that you have prongs. Place your marshmallows on the prongs to roast them.

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Oh Happy Day Source: Oh Happy Day

12) Skimmer

You can make a pool or birdbath skimmer by rounding out a wire hanger and placing pantyhose or another netting over it.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

13) Hang Flip Flops

Cut off the ends of your wire hanger and curl them upwards to hang your flip-flops.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

14) Costume Wings

Source: Gurl.com

Instead of buying an expensive costume you’re going to wear once, you can create butterfly, fairy, or angel wings by watching the tutorial below.

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