Woman finds old 1,000-square-foot grain silo and turns it into one-of-a-kind guest home
The home is filled with stunningly ornate pieces including intricately carved window and door headers.
D.G. Sciortino

When Amy Kleinwachter turned an old grain silo into a dreamy guesthouse a jigsaw, hammer, nails, or sheet metal weren’t the most important things she used.

Instead, it was math.

“It took a surprising amount of geometry to make things work in a circle, but Judy [Kurtz, the contractor] nailed it!” Kleinwachter, owner of Old World Antieks in LaGrante Texas, told Country Living.

Kleinwachter is a picker whose always on the lookout for antiques and other interesting architectural finds.

When she found a 14-ft grain silo, she knew that she would keep it for herself.

Her farmhouse was already built from reclaimed materials and knew the silo would be the perfect guest house on her 10-acre property.

Kleinwachter’s silo guest house takes up about 1,000 sq. ft. and has a cozy front porch, as well as a bedroom/bathroom extension.

When you enter the home you find yourself inside the living room.

It’s filled with antique leather chairs and an old champagne crate and sack cushion footrest.

The walls are unfinished giving the house an ultra “shabby” look.

There is also an office area that overlooks beautiful decorative windows.

An old floral sign was used to create the office’s floating desk. It’s topped with a scuffed-up gramophone.

The bedroom also uses reclaimed materials. The reclaimed wood panels came from an old historic Texas home.

It gives the space a warmer feel than the rest of the home with its metal walls.

The wood was treated and sealed so that it doesn’t leach lead paint. The room is decorated with windows from an old dentist’s office.

There is a gorgeous gold gilded frame with a lovely painting of flowers on the wall.

Beneath it lies a queen-sized metal frame vintage bedpost, which was difficult to find.

The linens are new but paired with a knit blanket that looks like grandma made it.

The bathroom is also filled with reused materials. It also has wooden plank walls as well as old medicine cabinets.

Everything, including the decorative paneling below the wood planks, has a distressed painted look.

Kleinwachter takes care to make sure the paint doesn’t look too weathered or too perfect.

The interior doors are absolutely gorgeous old wooden things.

There are also beautiful metal awnings on the outside of the home.

“Old windows are one of my favorite things to hunt for, but metal awnings are right behind. I love how they bring depth to a design with a rugged fussiness,” Kleinwachter said.

The home is also filled with stunningly ornate pieces including intricately carved window and door headers.

They provide a lovely dose of artistic flare without having to hang any artwork.

The guest home also comes complete with its own living, breathing alarm clock: the family hen.

Take a full tour of the home by checking out the video below.

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