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12 of the coolest DIY fire pits to keep you warm this fall
You may be able to upgrade your backyard in style with items you already own.

As the weather gets cooler, it’s wonderful to keep spending time outside. The bugs are largely gone, there’s a slight chill in the air to indicate that cozy season is coming, and you can smell the freshly fallen leaves.

Warming up next to a crackling fire is the ultimate outdoor luxury in fall and early winter – and it’s especially glorious when it’s done from the comfort of your own backyard.

Creating your own fire pit isn’t as difficult (or expensive) as you might think. These simple projects will completely transform your backyard into a welcoming entertainment spot. Take a browse through – you’ll be roasting smores in no time.

Stone, concrete, square, or round – each of these fire pit ideas is amazing.

1. Ring of fire

This stone fire pit looks complicated to construct, but it just takes time and patience! If you want to give it a try, you can scroll through some photos here on Flickr to see the step-by-step evolution of this type of fire pit.

2. Sometimes, less is more

Want something simple? Keeping It Simple really lives up to its name with these instructions for a circular fire pit made with concrete pavers just like the one above.

3. Upcycling at its best

For just $10 you can upcycle an old washing machine drum into an incredible fire pit for you and your family and friends. Head to House and Fig for the tutorial.

5. Cozy and stylish

Get creative with the design of your backyard fire pit. This one places vertical bricks with spacing in between which allows the heat of the fire to warm your toes.

6. Unexpected shapes

Round and square fire pits are common – why not switch it up a bit with this beautiful teardrop-shaped focal point? Get the details at Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener.

7. Dig in

Whether you want to have a large bonfire or a small flame, all you really need are some stones. Stack them to whichever size and height you’d like after doing a bit of digging.

8. Use an old truck wheel as the fire ring

What’s great about using a wheel to help form your fire pit, is that it is perfectly round! So, setting stones or bricks around it in a symmetrical fashion is a breeze. View the full instructions on how to build it here.

9. Make your BBQ a centerpiece.

Instructables has a tutorial on how to build your own BBQ fire pit for under $50.

10. Square metal fire pit.

Fire pits don’t always have to be made of concrete, stone, or brick – go for a modern twist with black metal instead. The Brick has step-by-step instructions for this easy project.

11. Experiment with different textures.

The great thing about DIY projects is that, well, you’re doing it yourself! Try using different colored bricks, or different shapes, you can even use small stones to fill in open spaces.

12. Affordable and easy.

Just want a simple place to grill? No problem! Use bricks and a BBQ grill and you’re all set!


We’re ready to get toasty! How about you?

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By Jessica
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