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21 creative garden edging ideas that will make your neighbors jealous
Emma Smizer

Gardening brings both great joy and immense frustrations. Why can’t your plants just get the message already? They have their own space, and so does your lawn. Plus, when your garden gets even slightly overgrown, it looks like a crazy mess when there’s nothing to balance the space. If you’ve been trying to think of a way to keep your garden in check and not spilling over into your lawn, you’ve come to the right place.

Garden edging can be difficult – there are so many ways to edge a garden, it can be overwhelming and we totally understand your dilemma. Deciding between brick or concrete is nearly impossible! However, thanks to some particularly talented and crafty gardeners, we’ve been able to compile a complete list of all the garden DIY inspiration you’ll need to tackle your next garden edging project.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Rustic Wooden Edging


You honestly can’t go wrong with this rustic look and really, your garden will thank you for its fresh new edging.

2. Classic Stone Borders


Try using light or dark colored stones to get a clean looking and cheap border for your planters. It’s an easy Sunday task!

3. Gabion Walls: The Best of Both Worlds


If you find yourself stuck between wood or stone edging, try creating your own gabion retaining wall for your garden.

4. Simply Stone Gabion


I personally love the look of gabion walls, but I particularly love the simplicity of a stone gabion wall. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple!

5. Plastic Garden Edging


All too often people associate cheap with ugly. The truth is that plastic edging can look really classy when done in dark neutral tones to help accent your garden rather than be a focal point.

6. Recycled Wine Bottle Edging


I could probably find a million different uses for recycled wine bottles, so here’s one more: garden edging. Brilliant, right? Thankfully, you have one more excuse to drink wine.

7. Recycled China Plate Edging


Maybe you have an old set of dishes lying around, or maybe you snagged a complete set of china from your neighborhood garage sale that you don’t need. Either way, this makes for one amazing DIY edging!

8. Seashell Garden Edging


I know, gardens and the ocean do not necessarily mix. But if you’re a beach-junkie like me, you also probably have way too many shells lying around. Why not put them to good use?

9. Think outside the Box/Ball


This ingenious gardener decided to incorporate bowling balls into their gardening design! Don’t be afraid to combine your passions with gardening.

10. Modern Wood Edging


Laminated wood can be a great addition to your garden – not only will not accumulate rot or mold, but it will stay looking fresh all year round!

11. Bamboo Retaining Fence Edging


If you have a garden full of plants that really like to wander, then this retaining fence might just be perfect for you. This looks chic and keeps your garden perfectly in order.

12. Low Rusted Iron Edging


This can look especially good for planters in you have already traded your lawn for some trendy pebbles. Make sure to file down the top to avoid any painful accidents!

13. Iron Planter Edging 


Whoever said that garden edging couldn’t also be a part of your garden? With this easy and modern DIY edging, you can not only balance your space but also add some extra plants as well.

14. Classic Concrete Edging


Plain concrete slabs are another budget-friendly edging technique that can also look very stylishly modern when done correctly.

15. Multi-Layered Wood Edging


If you’re looking for something between rustic and modern, this garden edging might be perfect for you. Using wood gives your garden that natural texture but the varying levels keeps your space looking modern.

16. Water Dividers


So this isn’t exactly a garden edging technique – but adding some sort of water fixture to your garden can radically change the vibe the of your landscape.

17.  Understated Brick Edging


If you’re looking for simple and cheap edging, bricks are definitely your best bet. Not only do they add a pop of texture in your garden, but they also give your space a clean sense of balance.

18. Aged Wood Retaining Fence


You really can’t go wrong with some repurposed wood edging. Not only is it a great way to recycle, but it also has that classic aged look that every home owner is clamoring for.

19. Cinderblock Mosaic Wall


For all of you particularly crafty gardeners, this mosaic retaining wall may be just what your garden needs. Not only will it hold back any overreaching plants, but you can also house a few plants in its center.

20. Scalloped Garden Wall


This is technically considered a terraced garden if you’re keeping score at home, but raising your gardens can actually be another way to keep everything looking clean and contained.

21. Cascading Garden Wall


Hands down, this is a personal favorite. If you’re looking for the ultimate garden edging technique, this is definitely it. Succulents and other draping plants like ivy are ideal for these terraced walls.

Happy planting!

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