Man with no construction experience shows how he built his tiny home for under $8,000
David relied on simple observation and listening skills to build a roadworthy house from scratch and he isn't finished yet.
Sheehan Diapues

This young man made himself a house from scratch.

He has no experience in construction.

Here’s how David got his own tiny house with only a general idea, and no experience in construction.

Youtube-David Rule
Youtube-David Rule

He explains that to make things happen, you don’t need to know what you’re doing initially, but you do need to take action.

He started by finding a trailer.

This was to be used as a base for his mobile house.

He bought one from Facebook Marketplace. Even with all the rust and blemishes, he sees potential.

He used reclaimed boards to provide cross-support and create a level base from the trailer’s floor.

A frame was then laid out across the floor and bolted directly to the metal trailer.

Youtube-David Rule
Youtube-David Rule

He sealed it up tight.

A particle board was placed at the bottom to seal, then he added spray foam to the corners for further protection.

Then he added thick foam to further seal the floor off.

The final touch on the floor base was the particle board underlayment, then later covered with plywood.

Youtube-David Rule
Youtube-David Rule

Once the floor base was done, the next part was the walls and roof frame.

He created the wall frames on each side flat on the driveway and carried them to the trailer one by one.

The roof frame was next in line.

He used 2×6 boards for joists.

This would help the walls to be sturdy and overall support as well.

Youtube-David Rule
Youtube-David Rule

He made sure it’s travel worthy.

To add more structural support, he used a plumber’s tape to wrap along the corners.

And all corners had metal braces as well to prevent the joints to move while traveling.

As each piece was placed, the trailer slowly transformed into a house.

The next part is sheeting the walls.

He went to use a quarter-inch thick plywood since it’s lighter and cheaper.

After sheeting, he added a frame for his loft where the bed will be placed. He laid a one-inch thick plywood to support his weight better.

He even made room for skylights.

For the initial roof cover, he used one-inch thick plywood as this area should be sturdy and won’t fly off.

He then laid out an “Ice and Rain shielding” roll-up for weatherproofing.

He wrapped the walls with a piece of special wrapping paper that waterproofs the sides.

Youtube-David Rule
Youtube-David Rule

He used a special tape called a membrane to secure the sides of the door and windows before they were actually inserted.

He put a line of silicone caulk along the edges of the window sill before placing the windows.

The tempered glass was used so they will not easily break while on the road.

For a newbie, he’s doing amazing.

Metal roofings were added and secured, then metal sidings are placed for additional proofing from the outside world.

Youtube-David Rule
Youtube-David Rule

He used metal brackets to slide the metal sidings one by one, tedious but it was fun.

Just like building legos.

He used cedar boards for trims to add more design and texture to his tiny house.

Before painting, he removed other excess rust from the trailer frame and robbed denatured alcohol all over.

He used a combination of black and earth colors as the motif. And not long after, he was done.

Youtube-David Rule
Youtube-David Rule

Building a home may be time-consuming, but it also has a positive impact on anyone who endeavors to do it.

So if you’re planning one, make it worthwhile and enjoy the process.

See how David’s tiny house came together piece by piece in the video below!

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