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Pour concrete over a $10 doormat for this dazzling piece of garden decor

May 3rd, 2021

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your way yard? You’re probably thinking of adding more flowers or stepping stones. Listing all the possible designs and materials, you create a budget. What if we tell you that you can create your own stepping stones?

Grab your $10 doormat from Walmart and create these gorgeous stepping stones.

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You don’t have to purchase new garden designs when you can create your own. Stepping stones are a great way to add charm to your garden. It can create a path, walkway, or patio, or simply point the way on a visual trail through your garden.

Additionally, it’s super simple to create and inexpensive that it’s a great DIY project year-round. You can even create one in your living room or in a corner of your garage. All your creative juices will be challenged as you create these cool stepping stones.

Add personality to your garden by creating a unique stepping stone.

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It’s super easy to create. All you need is to prepare the materials and start creating one.


  • Cutter
  • $10 Walmart doormat
  • Wooden crate or box
  • Concrete
  • Hammer

The first step is to create trace a square in the middle of the doormat and cut it.

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It will be really helpful that you choose a doormat with intricate designs.

Taking a wooden box, pour concrete into it.

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When choosing the concrete, you need to pick the right one. Not all concrete is created equal. There are concrete that has large chunks of gravel which makes it perfect when creating large slabs, frames, or sidewalks. If your pavers aren’t that big, you can just pick a finer concrete pix.

The best concrete you can buy is repair content. This concrete has a fine texture to it that will give you a smooth look and takes decorative imprints much better. Once you are able to pour the concrete, don’t forget to smoothen it to avoid uneven areas.

Also, wear protective equipment!

Safety goggles will protect your eyes from splashes, gloves will protect the skin on your hands, and a dust mask will protect your lungs.

Once you are able to smoothen the concrete, take the cutout doormat and place it over the box.

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Cover it with a wooden lid and make sure that it is tightly sealed by using a hammer.

After a while, remove the lid and smoothen using a wet sponge.

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Let it cool and harden for a few hours or a day. Then remove the wooden box, so the concrete and Walmart doormat is left.

Remove the doormat to reveal a beautiful and intricate design stepping stone.

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Don’t forget to remove the wooden floorboard at the back!

Place the stepping stones in your yard to create a stunning design.

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You can be as creative as you can be.

Try painting your stepping stones to match it with the look of your garden.

Here are just some of the ideas you can try (tutorials in the video below).

1. Round Stone Mosaic Stepping Stone

These stepping stones allow you to create a mosaic pattern. This is perfect for a bohemian theme in your yard.

2. Square Leaf Stepping Stones

Another fun idea you can try is to create a square stepping stone with a leaf design in the middle. This is perfect for an autumn or spring theme yard.

3. Alphabet Stepping Stones

Do you want your kids to learn about the alphabet using stepping stones? You can do it using different letters for the stones.

There are a lot of ideas you can try for your stepping stones.

For a more detailed guide on creating your own, watch the video below!

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