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12 ways to level-up your bedroom that cost next to nothing

April 12th, 2021

Refreshing updates for the bedroom that won’t break the bank? Yes, please.

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for easy, affordable, and super stylish improvements that will have you feeling energized and inspired. With a little creativity, you can impress your friends and family using everyday items that may already be lurking in your closet or basement.

So, what are you waiting for? Dust off those winter blues, grab a can of paint and let’s do this.

1. Use old crates as bedroom storage

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YouTube screenshot - Jansen's DIY Source: YouTube screenshot - Jansen's DIY

Not only are crates cheap, but they offer countless options for storage. Paint and add charming touches giving them a stylish, finished look that is functional and fabulous. You can also stack them or place them side by side for added storage.

2. Make a natural wood headboard

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Instagram - siemprevivashome Source: Instagram - siemprevivashome

Have any plywood or pallet boards lying around? Natural wood makes a great decorative addition to any space. Try creating your own wooden headboard that will make a statement and give the room a calming, organic vibe.

3. Make a hanging clothes rack

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YouTube screenshot - Genessis Meza Source: YouTube screenshot - Genessis Meza

Creating a hanging clothes rack will add interest as well as function to your bedroom. The possibilities are endless and all you need are hooks for the ceiling, a little rope and a rod/stick of your choice. Add some little extras to make it your own. You can add style by placing a shelf or pictures above the clothes rack.

4. Add some fairy lights

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Instagram - mybedroomvibes Source: Instagram - mybedroomvibes

Adding dainty fairy or holiday lights to your bedroom instantly adds whimsy and character. Put them up with small hooks and string them above or behind your bed. The softer light coming from the string lights will give your space a calming feel. Get ready to relax and rejuvenate with this one simple addition to your bedroom.

5. Add a wood-paneled accent wall

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YouTube screenshot - elanna pecherle Source: YouTube screenshot - elanna pecherle

It might sound daunting but adding a paneled wall to your space is simple and extremely affordable. The paneling adds dimension, texture, and a classy feel to any room. You know that wall in your bedroom that is begging for something special? Wood paneling could be the answer to your style dilemma so pick out a great color and go for it.

6. Make a pipe bed frame

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YouTube screenshot - HowToLou Source: YouTube screenshot - HowToLou

Yes, it is totally possible to make an entire bed frame from metal pipes. It is not only extremely inexpensive, but it is also very sturdy and will add a unique, industrial feel to your bedroom. The metal also goes well with many colors and textures. This is a simple way to make a big impact while updating your bedroom.

7. Make a pallet bed

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YouTube screenshot - Marloes Wonen Source: YouTube screenshot - Marloes Wonen

If you want a more natural look for your room that is virtually free, why not try to make your own pallet bed? Pallets can also be stacked to make a taller frame and can be painted or simply sanded. You can’t go wrong with this easy upgrade that will always save you money.

8. Peel and stick wallpaper

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Instagram - deanopriasa Source: Instagram - deanopriasa

There are so many great peel-and-stick wallpaper prints available. Why not give your room a wallpaper accent wall or maybe cover your closet door? Adding wallpaper is an artistic way to show off your personal style and add an intriguing focal point to space. This quick, extremely affordable upgrade makes an immediate impact.

9. Use old shutters as a headboard

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Facebook - remodelaholic Source: Facebook - remodelaholic

Using old shutters as a headboard is another great way to add texture to your bedroom. They are easily found at flea markets or antique stores. Paint them a simple white or give them a pop of bold color. Now, sit back and enjoy this easy, affordable improvement.

10. Use a paint marker

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Instagram- The Wall Whisperer Source: Instagram- The Wall Whisperer

If you have a paint marker and a yardstick, you have the power to add a lot of style to your space. Plan your lines and what shapes you want to make and go for it. The possibilities are endless. Make your design as simple or as creative as you want. Yes, you are allowed to draw on walls! Yay!

11. Use tape to frame pictures

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YouTube - Speak Maori Source: YouTube - Speak Maori

This design idea is so simple that you will question why you waited this long to try it. Use masking or washi tape to create a geometric shape around a photo of your choice. Make a collage of framed photos or prints with different colored tape. This stunning display will brighten up any room…along with your budget!

12. Make a hanging shelf

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YouTube screenshot - Tinydroplets Source: YouTube screenshot - Tinydroplets

Don’t be intimidated by this super cute design idea. With just a simple board of your choice, some rope, and your own unique styling, you have yourself a great addition to any room. Paint it a great color and use it to showcase your favorite little treasures.

Spring is the season of renewal…so get inspired to try one or two or ALL of these affordable and adorable bedroom upgrades.

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