20+ times people used pallets to create cool things for the home
Get ready to be inspired by these awesome pallet ideas.
Laura Shallcross

Whether a room in your home could do with a spruce-up or you just fancy a change, you don’t have to have a huge budget for new furnishings. Nor do you have to buy flatpack IKEA items that look like everyone else’s.

If you want a totally unique piece of furniture that doesn’t cost a bomb, you should seriously consider making your own. You can use all sorts of cheap materials for the job, but pallets look particularly effective, and can be transformed into all sorts of cool things for your home.

Check out these 20+ impressive pallet creations made by everyday people:

1. Pallet Bed

Building a pallet bed might be a pretty big project, but it’s also one of the easiest. Check out this pallet bed if you’re looking for inspiration!

Pallet Bed

2. Kids’ Pallet Beds

It’s not just adult beds that can be made from pallets, either. These kids’ beds have plenty of cool features – and it’s all thanks to the materials they’ve been built from.

Pallet Bed.

3. Pallet Couch

Don’t want to spend your money on an outdoor couch? You could make your own from pallets instead – the perfect lockdown project. Set yourself a deadline so you can enjoy it throughout summer.

4. Pallet Goat’s Playhouse

We all know that goats have a playful side – they love to climb and jump like cats. So naturally, when this guy made his goats a playhouse, they had to check it out straight away. It’s nice when a gift gets appreciated.

5. Outdoor Pallet Bench

There’s nothing better than stretching out in the sun in your back garden on those warm summer days. If you can’t find anything you like at your local furniture store, grab some pallets and get to work. This looks just as expensive as something you’d buy for hundreds of dollars.

6. Amazing Pallet Bar

Okay, this would take some serious craftmanship – it’s probably not something that could be handled by a beginner. But it couldn’t not be included on this list, because look how cool it is! The swinging seats have to be the best feature.

7. Simple Pallet Bar

Here’s something a little simpler and more achievable for the everyday DIY hobbyist. After all, you only need your bar to serve a single purpose, and that’s storing alcohol. Once you’ve made the basic bar, you can tailor it however you want to suit your tastes.

Outdoor Pallet Bar

8. Pallet Potting Bench

If this isn’t the cutest potting bench you’ve ever seen! Many people choose to make their own potting benches, considering you probably don’t want to spend loads of money on something that’s going to get worn and dirty over time. This looks like it’ll be loved for years to come.

9. Pallet Shoe Rack

Metal shoe racks are kind of ugly, but it’s hard to come by an affordable wooden alternative. This guy used his brain and decided to simply make his own. He might think it’s “not perfect” – but it looks pretty perfect to us!

10. Pallet Cathouse

We’ve seen a pallet goat playhouse already, so of course there had to be a pallet cathouse on this list. This looks like kitty heaven! Love the pirate theme, too.

11. Pallet Cupcake Tray

It might not be furniture, but who said you could only make conventional stuff out of pallets? This guy’s wife needed a cupcake serving tray, so he worked hard behind the scenes to make her one. Now, you wouldn’t find that in a store.

iamsuperdaveywavey/ Reddit
iamsuperdaveywavey/ Reddit

12. Pallet Headboard

If you haven’t got the materials (or you just don’t have it in you!) to make an entire pallet bed, here’s a simple alternative. This pallet headboard looks super expensive, and you’re unlikely to find anything like it at your local IKEA.

Embarrassed-Dingo-11/ Reddit
Embarrassed-Dingo-11/ Reddit

13. Patio Furniture

If you have access to multiple pallets, this table and chairs set is the perfect outdoor feature. Some people dress up their pallet furniture, but this is about as stripped-back as it gets. You just need a few seat cushions, and the job’s done.

14. Pallet Garden Chairs

Making your own chairs is a little more difficult, but when you’re using pallets, it’s just a case of cutting the wood to size and nailing the pieces together. These have a pretty unique design, too, sloping backward at an angle for proper relaxation.

15. Pallet Wishing Well

Wishing wells are an example of an incredibly overpriced garden furnishing – especially when you could just make them yourself. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and set a creative project to make your own pallet wishing well. You could paint it any color you wanted, too.

16. Pallet Christmas Trees

Whether you’ve got a cat or young kids who can’t be trusted around a real Christmas tree, or you just want a few extra holiday decorations for your home, these pallet Christmas trees are perfect for the job. You could even add your own painted decorations, like baubles or string lights.

17. Pallet Wall Garden

This hanging garden piece is perfect for smaller gardens. You store the soil inside the box and the plants can grow out of the gaps. This looks like one of the easier projects in this list, too.

UserNumber314/ Reddit
UserNumber314/ Reddit

18. Pallet Wine Set

Not everyone needs a full bar in their back garden. You can get the same joy from a small pallet wine set – and some would say it actually looks nicer. This one is particularly inventive, with space to store the bottles and hang the wine glasses.

19. Pallet Headboard

We’ve already seen one pallet headboard, and this is a step up from the last one. There are loads of clever features in this that you’d be unlikely to find in a store-bought headboard. There’s even a built-in dimmer switch – genuis!

goodrich28/ Reddit
goodrich28/ Reddit

20. Pallet Wall

Got a lot of spare pallets lying around? Why not create your own pallet feature wall like this one? It’s so simple, but it looks so good.

21. Pallet Umbrella Stand

And finally, if you have a table umbrella that needs securing to the ground, check out this beautiful pallet umbrella stand. The space for the flowers to grow is a particularly clever feature.

nextplayer7/ Reddit
nextplayer7/ Reddit

So there you have it – if you can get your hands on some wooden pallets, you’ve got all the inspiration you need to make something cool for your home!

Let’s finish things off with a video step-by-step for perhaps the coolest pallet creation of them all: a DIY above-ground pallet pool.

Happy building!

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