10 church signs so clever and funny it would be a sin not to laugh at them
Kathleen Shipman

Those who go to church often take it very seriously. However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be some humor involved too! If you need proof of it, the signs below will leave you in stitches.

Usually, if a church has a sign out front, it might be used for giving details about upcoming services, events, and things of that nature. Then there are others who use theirs to catch people’s attention in a comical way.

The following 10 signs are so clever and funny – it would be a sin not to laugh at them.

Pixabay - Free-Photos
Pixabay - Free-Photos

1. Summing it up

It would take a bit of work to change the message on a church sign, so if it’s hot outside – surely no one wants to do it. This church figured out a hilarious way to get their point across and save effort.

2. Smokin’ hot

Just because you attend church doesn’t mean you can’t take pride in your body. Well, for those who really want to be “smoking hot” – you can ponder this church’s message about cremation.

3. Even religious people don’t know why mosquitos were created

Let’s face it, mosquitos are pesky bugs that don’t seem to have a purpose besides annoying the heck out of you. This church seems to agree.

4. Bringing people in with a joke

As they say, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Apparently, this applies to getting more parishioners too.

This church sign is so “dad joke” funny – it kinda makes you want to become a member.

5. Don’t make Dad mad

When you’re a kid, there are certain phrases you don’t want to hear a parent say. This church sign hilariously ties religion and childhood together.

6. No excuses

You might have a million reasons why going to church on Sundays isn’t right for you. This church is tired of people’s excuses and their sign perfectly captures it in only 7 words.

7. It’s true I guess

Some churches probably change their signs so much they run out of things to say. It seems like this one did, but you can’t help but chuckle at the simplicity.

8. Burned

Believe it or not, someone actually had the audacity to steal one church’s air conditioners. So, they decided to leave the thief a message on their sign. Drop the mic.

9. Answered prayers

Many churches encourage people to pray. But this one decided to use their sign to put a stop to certain prayers because they were working too well.

10. More going down than up?

This church cleverly combined two songs for a hilarious and thought-provoking message. I’ll take the stairs, please.

Want to keep the smile on your face? Watch the video below to see a little boy so excited about being baptized in church – it’s adorable!

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By Kathleen Shipman
Kathleen Shipman is a contributor at SBLY Media.