These cozy 'she sheds' will convince you to build one in your yard
Move over, man caves! These she sheds are way more charming.
Cherie Gozon

Move over, man caves. It’s time for women to have their own space.

Most men brag about their man cave. They fill it with fun games like a pool table or some arcade machines. Others make it a game room with every gaming console possible. Or the famous mini theater with inclined leather seats and surround sound system.

Men claim that women take up most of the space at home.

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But it’s a bit sexist to assume that all common areas are for women because they decorate it, work in it, and (worse) clean it. The kitchen, the living area, the bedroom – men consider these spaces as for women. The fact is they’re not since these are common rooms.

Women, too, need a space of their own.

And this is why we created our version of the man cave. Introducing the “She Shed.”

Unlike man caves built within the house, she sheds – as the name suggests – are built outside of the house. One can either renovate your old shed or buy an easy-to-build kit. A she shed is built and designed for whatever a woman finds relaxing.

There are many she shed ideas you can find.


Most women just want a simple space for relaxing. A nice sofa or hammock, a fireplace, and a small bookshelf would do.

Others stay true to the name of being a “shed.”

They fill it with indoor plants and other succulents to fill the space with greens and other bright-colored flowers. It’s an indoor garden where one can just sit and breathe fresh air. If gardening is your thing, you can consider allotting space for a greenhouse or edible garden.

The more active ones turn their she shed into an exercise space.

It’s a place where they can do yoga for peace and meditation. Or bring in some fitness equipment for high-intensity training and other machine workouts. It’s always nice to have your own space to exercise and be fit.

There are also artsy she sheds.

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The crafty ones create this small space to create arts and crafts where they can be messy yet creative. If you’re into woodworking, it’s time to show your man you can do it, too. (And more creatively!)

And it can be your safe space to bring friends over!

You can have pull-out beds for grown-up sleepovers (or for your kids, too!), or you can have nice iron-wrought chairs or sofas to have some tea or wine. Bring in your girlfriends for nice chitchat or a DIY-spa day to drive the stress away.

A she shed is very flexible and can anything you want it to be.

Most states allow every home a backyard accessory granting that it is not more than 120 square feet and 11 feet high. A space bigger than this would need a drive to the city hall to get a permit.

She sheds have limitations, too.

It’s just really a shed without any fixtures and utilities. However, you can add insulation, ventilation, heating, and water systems if you really want to up your game. Just make sure to ask the city if these require any permits.

Time to build your own she shed and claim your piece of heaven!

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By Cherie Gozon
[email protected]
Cherie Gozon is a contributor at SBLY Media.